About Us

Duncan Dental Lab has been creating and fixing smiles for over 39 years. We have catered our services to many general dentists, oral surgeons, and the Ohio State University College of Dentistry. We have a full service lab and a milling center, where everything is made in house with care. We also have many years of experience with dental implants such as hader bars, hybrid bars, locators, custom abutments and more. With our lab’s new innovative techniques and technology we would like to connect with more dentists, oral surgeons, and universities to share our knowledge and offer our services for their new dental implant cases and existing implant cases that may be difficult. With our cutting-edge technology we are capable in making even the most challenging dental implant cases fairly simple. We have several creative techniques and solutions to your implant difficulties. Duncan Dental Lab showcases a few examples of our products and techniques on actual cases and models hours before they get delivered to the dentist.

Call us with questions or send models for suggestions, and we can help make the dental implant process easier and smoother for dentist and patient!